How to Activate Windows Server 2008 Online

Once you install Windows Server 2008, you have a grace period of 60 days to activate it. In this article, I will be showing you how to activate Windows Server 2008 online.

Note : Before your begin, make sure your server has an Internet connection

  1. Click on Start > then right click on Computer and click on Properties














    2. The System basic informationpage will open. At the bottom of it, under WindowsActivation section, the remaining days from thegrace period (activation period) is displayed
















    3.  Click on the link XXdays to activate. Activate Windows now  (whereXX is the remaining days)

    4.  The Windows Activation page will be displayed. Click on ActivateWindows online now to start activating yourWindows copy, or click on Ask me later to cancel the operation.

















5.  If you have already provided aProduct Key ( ex. while installing Windows Server ),then after few moments you will receive      aconfirmation that your Windows copy has been activated

















If you have not supplied a Product Key whileinstalling Windows Server, then you will beredirected to the below screen shot. Make sure youtype the correct product key, in this I mean theproduct key for the installed version of WindowsServer 2008. If you do not already have a product key,then you can buy one online by clicking on thebutton Buy a new product key online

Once you type a product key, click on Next

















6.  Activating Windows is in theprocess. The activation wizard securely connects to aMicrosoft server to transfer your installation IDwhen you submit it. A confirmation ID is passed backto your computer.

















7.  Then you will finally receive aconfirmation page that confirms thatactivation was successful. Enjoy your genuinecopy of Windows.

















8.  If you went back to the systemproperties page, you will find that the remainingdays link has been replaced with: Windowsis activated
















Activating Windows Server 2008 online is one of the methods that you can choose to activate it. This process typically takes just a few seconds to complete. No personally identifiable information is required to activate Windows Server 2008. The activation wizard securely connects to a Microsoft server to transfer your installation ID when you submit it. A confirmation ID is passed back to your computer, automatically activating Windows Server 2008.

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