How to jailbreak the iPhone 4S


The wait is finally over. Three months after the iPhone 4S released, Apple’s A5-powered handset finally has an untethered jailbreak. In this guide we’ll walk through the entire procedure so you can free your iPhone 4S.
The tool for this jailbreak is called absinthe (apparently iOS hackers like to party). It’s an untethered jailbreak, meaning you won’t need to connect your device to a PC whenever you reboot. We have the instructions and download links for you to have your A5 device jailbroken in no time.
If you’re on an older iOS device, you can refer to our post for jailbreaking non-A5 devices.
1. Download Absinthe

The first thing you’ll want to do is get the Absinthe tool. It can be downloaded from here for Mac and here for Windows.
After downloading the package, unzip.
2. Backup your device in iTunes

This isn’t technically necessary, but it’s probably wise to backup your device before jailbreaking.

3. Run Absinthe

After connecting your device to your PC via USB, simply open the Absinthe jailbreak tool. It should detect your device and give you the option of jailbreaking it.

Press “jailbreak” to begin the process. It should take you through several steps (all of which will take some time), as seen in the screenshots below:

The next stage of the process will make it appear that your device restoring from a backup:

Next your device will start to reboot:

After rebooting, it will “send payload data” (remember that this is all happening without any additional input from you):

Finally, you’ll get this “almost done” screen:

Though it says to look for a “jailbreak” icon on your device’s home screen, the icon is actually called Absinthe:

Your device should then reboot, and return with a Cydia icon in its place. You’re jailbroken! You can check out our list of the best Cydia apps to help you get started.

* If you get an error when opening Absinthe, it’s because the Greenp0ison servers are down. You can try turning on VPN (Settings>General>Network>VPN and selecting the “jailbreak” VPN). This shouldn’t be necessary anymore.

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