Mac Repair

Apple’s Mac OS was aimed at providing a bug-free world to the users but just like Windows, bugs, issues, and crashes do prevail in Mac too and the Mac users are pretty aware of these. Things seem to go well until your machine is covered with Apple’s warranty policy but after that maintenance of a Mac desktop or laptop can be costly and sums up hugely per year.

Dynamic Computers is visioned at providing out-of-warranty support to Mac users for all types of issues that can exist in a Mac-powered machine.

Some common problems we can help you out with your Mac include –

  • Mending and increasing processing speed and getting rid of slowed-down booting.
  • Recovery and backup
  • Setting up hardware like printers, scanners etc.
  • Solving problems like crashing, bugs.
  • Water/ Liquid Spilled Repair
  • Hard drive, memory upgrades
  • Backup software/hardware
  • Setup and maintenance of security software (antivirus, firewalls)
  • Updating software
  • Setting up wireless networks
  • Activating programs and software
  • Installation of Softwares
  • LCD screen replacement
  • General maintenance
  • Configuration and setup of peripherals (printers, etc.)
  • Support with 3rd party software too!

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